Process Improve­ment for Attor­neys:  Your busi­ness should be excit­ing. Your processes? Not so much.

We deal with bro­ken work­flows and the risks they expose all of the time.  Inter­nal and exter­nal cus­tomers don’t get what they need when they need it, and the peo­ple involved in those processes are frus­trated that they spend too much time on putting out fires rather than what they were hired to do.  Whether you’re a cor­po­ra­tion or a law firm, this increases risk and wastes time and money.

Lean/ Six Sigma con­tin­u­ous improve­ment, a proven method­ol­ogy for elim­i­nat­ing errors and rework and sav­ing costs since the 1950s, has been an insti­tu­tion at com­pa­nies like Toy­ota and Gen­eral Elec­tric for decades.  As Cer­ti­fied Lean/Six Sigma Black Belts, we apply this body of knowl­edge to the legal, com­pli­ance and risk man­age­ment functions.

 Improve workflows with LegalEye Define the prob­lem, improve­ment activ­ity, oppor­tu­nity for improve­ment, goals and cus­tomer requirements.
Mea­sure process performance.
Ana­lyze the process to deter­mine root causes of vari­a­tion and poor performance.
Improve process per­for­mance by address­ing the root causes.
Con­trol the improved process and future process performance.

See exam­ples of how Legal­Eye® Work­flow Ser­vices improve process per­for­mance and reduce oper­a­tional risk.

Every hour your team spends cor­rect­ing errors or on rework is an hour that could have been used to resolve a legal issue or com­plete a ser­vice for an inter­nal cus­tomer.  This oppor­tu­nity cost is sub­stan­tial when you must do more with less. 

Stream­line your processes to increase inter­nal effi­cien­cies and effectiveness.