When data becomes insight, you win.

When data becomes insight, ideas are generated.

Oh, we have the data.  We just don’t have the resources or exper­tise to dis­till action­able infor­ma­tion.” With billing and cost data housed in legacy sys­tems with lim­ited report­ing capa­bil­i­ties, it’s dif­fi­cult to make informed deci­sions about how to grow your firm.  Legal­Eye® Law Firm Ana­lyt­ics Ser­vices help part­ners and other stake­hold­ers iden­tify, mea­sure and mon­i­tor rel­e­vant per­for­mance met­rics that reflect the dynamism of today’s legal ser­vices landscape.

Gain insight with LegalEye® Law Firm Analytics

As CPAs, we under­stand how pric­ing pres­sures and chang­ing ser­vice mod­els can thwart a firm’s abil­ity to meet its goals.  Our exper­tise in data min­ing and mod­el­ing, cost account­ing, dash­board­ing and score­card­ing allow you to slice and dice the data for more mean­ing­ful views of your business.

When ideas are gen­er­ated, strate­gies are developed.

Think about what you could do with timely and accu­rate per­for­mance met­rics that are eas­ily under­stood by all.  How might you price cer­tain work dif­fer­ently?  Would your bud­gets and fore­casts be more accu­rate?  Would such infor­ma­tion sup­port or change your ideas for improved resource deploy­ment?  By work­ing with you and your finance depart­ment, we arm you with the knowl­edge and tools required to:

  • Rapidly respond to RFPs and win more business
  • Strengthen exist­ing client rela­tion­ships by bench­mark­ing firm per­for­mance to iden­tify not only best prac­tices, but also ser­vice differentiators
  • Improve mat­ter bud­get­ing accuracy

When the right strate­gies are imple­mented, goals are achieved.

Hav­ing timely, accu­rate and eas­ily under­stood infor­ma­tion is a key com­po­nent to achiev­ing your goals.  Just as expec­ta­tions of your part­ners and staff must be con­stantly man­aged and bal­anced (opti­mized), so too must those of your clients, their staff and other stake­hold­ers.  Our solu­tions reflect a long-term view of those tenets.

Under­stand your cost and billing data to increase your firm’s agility in the face of chang­ing mar­ket and client demands.