Reduce Docket Vol­ume with Legal­Eye® GRC
It’s Time to Get Con­trol.®

When you iden­tify risks, you can proac­tively man­age them.

Cre­at­ing and main­tain­ing resilient gov­er­nance, risk and com­pli­ance func­tions is no longer a com­pet­i­tive advan­tage, it’s a require­ment for con­sis­tent growth and suc­cess.  Legacy processes and sys­tems, out­dated poli­cies and pro­ce­dures and new and chang­ing reg­u­la­tions all con­spire to unnec­es­sar­ily expose orga­ni­za­tions to oth­er­wise man­age­able risks.  This puts the legal and com­pli­ance func­tions in a reac­tive posi­tion of costly reme­di­a­tion.  More­over, such an envi­ron­ment causes ten­sion among the board of direc­tors, the C-Suite, risk man­agers and process own­ers, when instead all par­ties should be work­ing in con­cert to attain growth tar­gets and achieve other orga­ni­za­tional objectives.

When you embed risk man­age­ment into processes, orga­ni­za­tional agility increases.

Our CPAs and Cer­ti­fied Fraud Exam­in­ers have a deep and broad under­stand­ing of how effi­ciently embed­ding risk man­age­ment into core processes helps min­i­mize fraud, reg­u­la­tory vio­la­tions, and other inher­ent busi­ness risks.  For exam­ple, after help­ing a $400 mil­lion med­ical device com­pany through its first year of Sarbanes-Oxley Sec­tion 404 com­pli­ance, we assumed more respon­si­bil­ity in sub­se­quent years as the only return­ing firm.  Over the past decade, we have led sim­i­lar ini­tia­tives to help com­pa­nies of all sizes develop, imple­ment and improve risk man­age­ment pro­grams.  Our exper­tise includes, but is not lim­ited to:

See exam­ples of how we have helped clients get more con­trol of their risks.

When orga­ni­za­tional agility increases, growth objec­tives can be achieved.

By empow­er­ing employ­ees to pre­vent or min­i­mize the costs of adverse events, Legal­Eye® GRC helps clients increase their agility, resilience and respon­sive­ness in the face of a shift­ing risk land­scape.  After all, the less time employ­ees have to spend respond­ing to adverse con­se­quences, the more time they can devote to what they were hired to do:  Help your orga­ni­za­tion achieve its objec­tives. What’s more, such sys­tems allow risk man­agers to focus on the hori­zon and plan accord­ingly, whether growth is pur­sued organ­i­cally or through acquisition.

Reduce docket vol­ume with Legal­Eye® GRC by reduc­ing the fre­quency and impact of events that drive mat­ter creation.